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Along with the software administration we make long-term commit­ments and assume planning and dispatching tasks.

Qnamic AG was founded in 2003 and is based in Hägendorf (CH). We develop software solutions for resource planning and allocation for railway, supplyand other service companies. Through the integration of all participants our intelligent software solutions allow for the efficient planning, dispatch and controlling of resources.
Our software is an adaptable system combining work time regulations, qualifications, suitability etc. supplying economical aspects for controlling purposes and processes in real-time. In addition to providing our software tools, we provide expert care taking of the operations ensuring smooth operational function and availability. We will gladly assist you in the implementation and help you in the analysis and implementation of process optimization.

Qnamic AG stands for legacy customer centricity throughout


Dependability in functionality, usability, and stability of the solutions


Tailor-made and process-oriented parametrization and configurability


Fast implementation and lean processes for optimal “Time to Productivity”


Customer and solution-oriented
24-hour support service


Openness and scalability of use of technical information and online services
(Cloud solutions, interfaces,
data migration)


Progressive “mind set” in the use of future-oriented technologies, processes & solutions

Our Values

Customer Focus

Our partnership is based on high customer satisfaction. Our customers’ needs are at the core of our efforts.


We do expert work to obtain the best quality of our products and services. Leadership is our goal. We are committed to this; day after day!


We are committed to a prosperous partnership for the benefit of all and really enjoy this responsibility.


Teams create added value! We work closely with our partners to develop practical solutions.

Talent Development

We are proud of our outstanding employees and encourage them individually to develop into true talents.


We set high standards for our responsibility with regard to ethics, morality and law and rigidly adhere to these principles

Customers’ Testimonials

Cyril Barthels

Head of strategic and long-term engineer and vehicle planning

Chemins de fer Luxembourgeois

“The main objective of all activities of the CFL Group is to provide our customers with services of the highest quality. Since 2007, Qnamic’s resource planning software “RailOpt” has supported us in this endeavour. Within your strategic planning department, RailOpt offers innovative possibilities to plan the deployment of engineers and vehicles simultaneously, efficiently, and robustly”.

Frank Dumont

Long-term planner traction and on-board

Chemins de fer Luxembourgeois

“As a long-term planner, it is a great advantage for me that I can plan and edit vehicle and personnel resources simultaneously and at a glance in a planning board. Another major help is that when creating shifts, both for personnel and vehicles, the many complex rules that have to be observed are checked.”

Dominik Gubser

Quality & Efficiency Manager

DB Cargo Schweiz GmbH

“With RailOpt, we can guarantee a foresighted and detailed planning, execution and subsequent evaluation of our transports. The detailed configurability and the strong networking with different systems help us to respond flexibly to the most diverse demands of our stakeholders”.

Renato Kluser

Transport planner

Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn

“With RailOpt WEB, employees can be informed directly about adjustments in the services. Rapid adjustment of vehicle and personnel services is possible if – as caused by the Corona pandemic – completely new rotations and services have to be created within days.”

Silvan Zeiter


Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn

“What I like best about RailOpt is the simultaneous planning.

Adapting RailOpt in the event of a malfunction, so that all involved parties can immediately see the change on their planning board, is a great benefit for all parties involved”.

Thomas Steiger

Application Manager

Schweizerische Südostbahn AG

“In addition to simultaneous resource planning of personnel and vehicles, there is the possibility of bi-directional communication with the engineers thanks to integrated modules. RailOpt WEB makes it possible to provide the employee with up-to-date and reliable information online. Besides the current services in the “Personal Reporting System” and holiday planning, the “Document App” is highly appreciated by employees. The “Document App” automatically updates the employees’ devices and also makes the documents available off-line. With the “Information system for railway engineers” the current travel schedules of a train is dynamically displayed with low speed sections and information from the service”.

Urs Oberholzer

Service & Quality Manager

Schweizerische Südostbahn AG

“RailOpt is a central pillar in the operative railway business for us. It helps us to keep the quality of resource planning constantly high. But the “Reporting Module” is also important for our business, thanks to which, we are always able to evaluate the effect of future offers, but also the effectively produced services of the past days in a granular and uniform way”.
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