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Excelling at digitalization: CFL goes live with digital depot planning

Last fall, we reported that CFL, in collaboration with Qnamic, was working on a project to introduce the new shunting yard planning feature. On February 5th, the go-live took place as scheduled, and the control center staff were able to adopt the long-awaited tool into productive operation.

The introduction of the shunting yard management system marks another important step for CFL towards the complete digitalization of their operating systems. Several departments benefit from the introduction. For the planning teams, numerous Excel spreadsheets are eliminated thanks to the fully integrated solution; this makes workflows more transparent and comprehensible. The integration of the shunting yard planning board into RailOpt’s dispatching significantly eases the dispatchers’ workload. By managing the use of shunting tracks (shunting, switching operations, preparations, etc.), it also facilitates the Trains et Materiel department’s ability to prepare workshop tasks more efficiently. In all these areas, stakeholders can now focus more on their core tasks.

The successful launch of the new Parking module was an important milestone for CFL in their endeavor to make processes more efficient and to relieve their staff in some activities, providing them with additional time for other tasks. However, with this step, CFL has not reached the end of their journey, and the next milestones are already in planning: In the future, dispatchers, for example, will be supported in their work by a digital track diagram that visualizes the current situation on the tracks in real-time. CFL is committed to digitalization, and we support them with equal determination!

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