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Fall release 2023.2

We’re excited to introduce the next phase of our innovation journey and present the mid-year release update!

In a constantly changing digital landscape, it’s crucial for businesses to stay agile and keep up with the latest technological developments. Our update is designed to help you not just outpace the competition, but also maximize opportunities for your business.

  • General Planning: The clarity of planning for vehicle and personnel services has been further developed to better support planners in their work:
    • If a vehicle is scheduled while the personnel capacity is still in a file or an invalid deleted resource, this will be indicated in the traction area by a gray bar above the vehicle capacity.
    • The new display is easily accessible in the schedule options and as a button in the toolbar.
    • In vehicle planning, it is now immediately apparent whether a vehicle is in operation or not. A new feature within the scheduling board allows “gaps”, when a vehicle is in operation (for example, waiting times at a station), to be marked with gray bars, making them visible.
  • DSS: The DSS feature has seen continual enhancements this year. The automatic staff scheduling stands out as a major highlight.
    • With this new feature, services can be automatically by AI assigned to your rotation plans, streamlining your processes.
    • Efficiency improvement: The assignment of services is automated, considering all restrictions like qualifications and rest periods, which minimizes human effort.
    • Error prevention: By automating the process, human errors are completely eliminated.
    • Time savings: Manual scheduling is error-prone and takes time. Our new feature generates your workforce schedule in seconds, greatly simplifying the process for planners. They can then concentrate on more critical tasks.
    • Optimized resource utilization: The automatic personnel planning helps to optimize resources by ensuring that employees with the appropriate skills and qualifications take on the respective service.
  • The achieved progress is the result of a dedicated team effort and a vibrant user community that continuously supports us with their constructive and valuable feedback on our developments. The planning and implementation of the Spring release 2024.1 are already in full swing. We look forward to offering our users more innovative features and advancements. One focus will be on personnel qualification management.
  • We thank our users for their trust and for continuing to actively contribute to the development of our platform.

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