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Manage and plan a multitude of work and production processes using administered personnel and production resources. Taking into account all your company’s resources, and in order to comply with the highest safety and quality requirements, PlanOpt manages all production and work processes and supports your planners and dispatchers in the work process segment. There is an acute focus on unifying user steps utilising a consistent interface design to guarantee smooth work flows thus enabling management of the entire work process in only one system – from simulation to planning and actual data entry.
Planning basis
The master data, which consists of personnel and other resources from within your company, serves a foundation from which to begin. We identify characteristics and attributes that are relevant for further planning, such as qualifications, locations, and time-related parameters. All of the pertinent characteristics are taken into account.
Resource Planning
The planning of the required resources for production and/or project processes including the planning of personnel for various shift periods.
In order to guarantee safety and quality in the planning process, standards can be specifically tailored to a project. Throughout the entire planning process, the specific standards of configuration for safety and quality are compared and cases of potential conflict are identified. The beneficial result of this is that the planning remains compliant at all times from beginning to successful completion.
Communication and Reporting

To ensure communication and provide different data, RailOpt WEB makes various applications directly accessible on a ubiquitous basis on any browser or mobile device. This ensures relevant data transmission possible in real time. In combination with bi-directional communication, RailOpt WEB applications enable personnel to view work details and schedules from anywhere and at any time. This direct connection allows for communication to take place in real time. Upon request, all queries in RailOpt WEB also provide the user and company with direct report generation output.

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