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RailOpt® DIS

The Driver Information System is the dynamic display of the train’s travel schedules with all necessary route information for the engineers. It can be used in direct running mode, with all the route information required, e.g. signal locations, curve and line speeds, whistle posts etc.

Driver Schedule

Travel schedules are created on the basis of the engineer’s daily schedule or according to the train number and are displayed dynamically following the course of the trip. The travel schedules also contain additional information from RailOpt®, such as strengths and weaknesses in case of formation changes. The creation of travel schedules is done in PDF format, so that a fall-back information form is available in the event the system is not accessible.

Track Database

The recording and maintenance of the track information is managed under a separate program environment. It supports the user during data entry through the structured and consistent user interface. This means that in addition to track information, additional information such as instructions, signals, low speed sections, etc. can also be managed.

Administrator Tool
The DIS-Admin tool is used to enter the RADN track information. Based on the train and brake series of a train, the permissible speeds on a relevant route are displayed directly to the engineer. Additionally, low speed sections and service instructions can be managed.

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