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RailOpt® DSS

The addition to the RailOpt products, RailOpt DSS assists your planner in finding optimal solutions and facilitates decision making in the planning process. Conflicts are identified and optimized solutions are provided. DSS is based on the same data and rules criteria as the planning modules, but adds heuristics and other capacities to efficiently manage targets. As a result, optimal planning results are immediately accessible and available for long-term, medium-term, and short-term planning
Interactivity and Transparency

The RailOpt DSS tool can be operated interactively by the planner while remaining transparent. During an optimization process, the user always maintains an overview of the planning results and objectives. If necessary, the specific planner can interrupt the process and adjust the parameters as and if the trend is not satisfactory. The process can then be continued with the amended targets.

Configuration and Standards

In order to find improved solution variants, the configuration serves as the central element. Here working hour rules and other target values, such as efficiency or work safety and facilitation, can be defined, weighted, and configured. Using so-called solvers, the user can determine the evaluations of individual influencing variables and thus model different application scenarios. With a solver, the degree of autonomy and the type of algorithm are also determined and applicably configured.

Scope of Application / Scenarios
  • Repair or improve existing plan.
  • Create a new planning taking into account all objectives
  • Simulate new scenarios, e.g. lengthen/shorten the shift
Real-time Monitoring

With RailOpt DSS, planners can define so-called Key Performance Indicator (KPI) – values with regard to the desired goals, which provide information about the quality of resource planning. A cockpit, which contains different evaluations, serves as a visual work surface for key decisions and support. Individual objectives are listed separately, and the overall assessment and progress are presented in the form of a diagram with identified qualitative values.

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