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RailOpt® WEB

RailOpt WEB is bi-directional communication between personnel and planner and allows communication with RailOpt in real time. As a result, changes can be permanently adapted, which increases the quality and safety of passengers and goods as well as personnel. It is an advanced web application that does not require software installation by the user and runs on all mobile devices. The structured user interface allows the user to navigate through the individual areas. Current planning data is always available through real-time communication and detailed reports for working hours, absences, or expenses, can be generated on demand.

Compatible with:

Information and Communication platform
With the personal access data, users can view their working time accounts, which ensures transparent and rapid work time settlement. Released reports provide a quick and easy overview of working hours, vehicle data, service details, etc. Through direct communication with RailOpt via the Personal Reporting System, among other things, delays or shift changes are transmitted promptly and requests or change requests are communicated transparently. With the ease-of-use configuration of individual apps and extended categories, the web portal allows every user flexible access to different information systems and sources of your company.
Vacation Planner
Via the vacation planner application, the personnel can enter vacation plans according to various evaluation and approval systems. Structured and specified sets of rules allow for transparent vacation planning so that the process of the entire holiday or vacation planning can be organized in a simplified and reliably digitized form.
Document Management
The document management allows the paperless transmission of important documents on the human resources and planning level through the verification function or read confirmation function. The reminder function reminds the user to confirm important documents and guarantees the security of the transmission to certain or only applicable groups of addressees or individual persons.

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