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The software for your railway company to support your planners and dispatchers. RailOpt supports the company by providing accurate planning by engaging and applying dependencies between infrastructure and operational planning into account. We coordinate them by applying efficient real time and integrated access. The aim is to achieve the maximum success using the given means and little effort. Based on the existing offers, this planning tool ensures rolling stock planning is coordinated within agreed timetables encompassing medium, long- or short-term compliance. The plans derived from these resources, such as rotation planning, rolling stock planning or rosters for personnel, are optimized and mapped using flexible sets of rules. All defined requirements in terms of safety, operational and vehicle technology aspects are taken into account. We offer simulation capacities that simulate the sequence of a constructed resource deployment over a period of time and ensure appropriate contingencies that serve only to aid in the efficiency. This ensures an optimized and seamless resource planning from simulation to actual dispatching and real time follow-up for engineers, train attendants and vehicles. RailOpt is a tool for honing and ensuring accurate comprehensive processes thus optimising resource planning.
Master Data
By managing basic data, such as personnel and vehicle master data, all resources belonging to the company can be re-created, imported, and managed to serve as a basis for planning. All infrastructure data of the railway network is also managed in the master data.
Project Data
Project data is used for the planning structure, including decisive information on target operating sequences. All the timetable data of a train are recorded over the entire route and modulated on the basis of each other. They also serve as a data reference point source for further planning processes, such as vehicle rotation and personnel deployment. Various infrastructure-relevant data for resource planning can be recorded and taken into account to improve the further planning process. The information exchange via the train path portal by means of an ease-of-use interface enables accelerated registration and administration of different request types directly from RailOpt, without having to switch to a separate application.
Resource Planning
With the modules of resource planning, the graphical representation of the project resources in the form of a Gantt chart offers a performance-based view. Individual days or larger time periods can be displayed. Taking into account reciprocal dependencies, this serves as the basis for the optimization of the business process. Important technical properties, as well as legal regulations and securities are taken into account, and service and maintenance times are included. By comparing target and actual performance, non-productive services can be identified and optimized. Flexible control mechanisms point out conflicts and ensure that the planning accurately correlates to the operational information and processes.
Rules and Qualification Verification
We take into account the defined and required qualifications and/or legal requirements, such as working time rules for quality assurance and compliance with legal regulations as a top priority in public transport companies. For this purpose, during the different planning levels, the system automatically compares rules and qualifications in the resource modules and displays conflicts in resource planning in the event rules are not observed. This allows for an almost conflict-free planning environment.
Adjustment of planning elements for the optimization of the planning process at different levels during resource planning. In addition, configurations can be made for vehicle monitoring so that seamless communication with internal workshops can take place and vehicle safety/maintenance is guaranteed.

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