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At regular intervals, we provide releases for necessary adjustments and refinements, thus ensuring the quality and dynamic of our products. This also includes product features that contain meaningful and functional extensions based on existing products.


We offer you a wide variety of proven solutions and support options.

WIKI – Help documentation and interesting facts

For transparent collaboration and to make information on functionalities directly accessible, you will be given access to our Wiki portal. In addition to the online reference work, information on projects and much more is made available there.

Telephone Support

In addition to our solution-oriented activities, we offer telephone support for technical assistance upon request and can be reached by telephone for all urgent matters.

JIRA – Project management tool for the administration of work processes

For your extension requests, inquiries, and error messages we rely on the web-based application Jira. Together with your ideas and requests, a transparent and effective error and task management is ensured.


Our services, software products and support are made available upon request via individual independent servers of web hosting service providers. As a result, our systems, programs and offers remain stable and can be accessed from multiple devices. In addition, this reduces strain on your business resources. It ensures guaranteed efficacy that the software and the corresponding processes are available in a powerful and reliable way. By providing web spaces, our entire web hosting is ensured via an Internet service provider.

Consulting & process optimization

We want you to record successful projects within your business processes. In order to expertly assist your company, our offering to our valued clients include a range of consulting services and analysis of process optimization to support and augment operational tasks. To this end, we work closely with our customers and build on the many years of industry experience of our developers and IT specialists, as well as on the know-how of our practice-oriented planners and dispatchers. For the implementation of our software solutions, we also accompany our customers in terms of long-term engagements, which range from the spectre of software administration to assuming planning and scheduling activities.


For the smooth and successful use of the products in your company, we rely on experienced planners and dispatchers with many years of experience who accompany your team and company during the introduction. During the so-called test installation phase, initial data is migrated into the new system and expertly transferred step by step. The stability of your daily business is always maintained. With the careful and thoughtful planning, management and control of our products, the extensions and adjustments, we ensure a smooth introduction and integration resulting in a fully functioning solution.

User Group Meetings

At our annual User Group Meetings, our valued users have the opportunity to learn about the latest features of our products, share best practices and help shape mobility. Learn about the best ways to use our products, meet industry colleagues and Qnamic experts. Engage in professional exchange and learn about the possibilities of networking with other users.

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