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Along with the software administration we make long-term commitments and assume planning and dispatching tasks.

We offer Intelligent Resource Management products for the deployment of personnel, project and process-oriented competencies and resources for the maximum and efficient use and capacity utilization of your operations.

We develop software solutions that can be adapted and accurately integrated utilizing unique parametrization and configuration processes to ensure that all the resources within your company are efficiently planned, optimized, and controlled.
In addition to the organization of resource and job management, which are modularly structured, business process efficacy is ensured. By applying this exchange through various interfaces, we ensure that you can broaden direct insight and track and view the complete resource deployment of your company. In addition, we apply a modern graphic look and a user-friendly interface ensuring ease of use and and a clear overview for anyone involved.


Recording and planning of manifold work and project processes for optimized resource management


Intelligent tailor-made planning software for the railway industry

RailOpt® WEB

Modern, reliable, and efficient web application for improved corporate communication

RailOpt® DIS

Creating travel schedules and displays for engineers

RailOpt® DSS

Decision support tool for finding the optimal solution in the planning process
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