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RailOpt R2022.2

After the qnamic team implemented some fundamental technical and functional changes for RailOpt with R6.9, Release 2022.2 was more about finetuning. We’d like to introduce two highlights of the many adjustments:

  • Labor Law Enhancements:

We added new work time rules to the existing ones. Together with adjustments in the configurations, we made it easier to monitor the compliance to working time regulations.

  • New work time rules issue a conflict notification, if a false type of break is planned for a service.
  • Violations of working time arrangements due to subsequent changes of working times by employees are shown immediately.
  • New work time rules support planners by checking the compliance to the rules of planning successive long night shifts.
  • Another new rule supports optimal distribution of working time over employees by minimizing their effective working time (without surcharges) including sideline activities.
  • Dispatching & short term planning: The multiple allocation of a vehicle to frameworks is denied and ruled out as a source of error in planning.
  • A new table now shows vehicle, vehicle pool and logical vehicle clearly. With a new filter already planned vehicles can be hidden.
  • If a vehicle is nevertheless scheduled several times in the terms of short term planning, a conflict notification will be issued.
  • A newly introduced symbol shows clearly to the dispatcher on the planning grid, if an allocation of a vehicle was removed and thus the vehicle is available again.

Since we’re constantly improving our product for and with our users, the preparations for the spring release 2023 are going on at full speed. A Highlight for 2023.1 will be extension of the graphic time tables: many of our users use this function very actively in their daily work, it now will be accessible via the planning board.

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