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Solving problems efficiently with Disruption Management

Dispatchers of railway companies deal with disruptions on a daily basis. There are various types of disruptions (construction works, vehicle malfunctions, lack of personnel, track outages, etc.) and they often lead to further disruptions, making them very complex and unclear. It’s the task of dispatchers to solve these challenging problems as quickly as possible. The feature ‘Disruption Management’ by Qnamic makes the situation more clear, reduces sources of error and supports them in ensuring safe and smooth operations:

A concise planning board offers an optimal overview over the disruptions to be taken care of to the dispatcher. When opening a new disruption case, templates help with structuring and categorizing the problem. To ensure that no case gets overlooked on a busy day, every case has to be closed with a brief report before it gets removed from the planning grid.

The feature channels the attention of the dispatcher. If they suspend work on a case, the case will be paused. This way the dispatcher is always focused on the current case and keeps an overview even over a multitude of disruptions . On the flip side, multiple dispatchers can work on a single case together. Every change in a disruption case is documented so that everybody involved knows the current status. Furthermore, the documentation gives a possibility for a posterior analysis of the case.

But the tool also helps actively to resolve disruptions: In a situation where personnel is needed at short notice, it shows a clear table to the dispatcher with available and suitable personnel. By determining according parameters, the tool prevents violations of work time rules and helps the dispatcher to find an optimal solution.

Related disruptions can be connected, enabling the dispatcher to swap resources between the different cases, without assigning them several times.

The feature ‘Disruption Management’  unravels chaotic situations, makes them manageable and supports the dispatcher in finding solutions. In the process, sources of errors are prevented and circumnavigated. The comprehensive documentation allows a posterior analysis and valuation of processes and their adjustment if necessary. With this tool you can meet disruptions calmly and effectively. 

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