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Spring Release 2023.1

As announced in the news for Release 2022.2, it was a particular concern for us to support our users in the usage of the graphic time table even better. Many of our users utilize the graphic time table actively in their daily work. Thus it is now directly accessible via the planning board with a few mouse clicks. The graphics are clearly designed, additional train information is available via single mouse click and there are plenty of marking options, which structure the the work with the planning board even further.

Because we want our users to remain flexible at all times, we gave them extensive configuration options. This way they can customize the displayed information to their needs and the current situation at any time. Overall this release focused on the further improvement of user-friendliness to support and simplify our users work in the best possible way. These improvements show in a series of small changes, which at large optimize the usability clearly and relieve the user. This is done for example by automatization of work steps like the automated creation of pre- & post- Run activities, which are needed for the new automated adjustment of the duration oft the change of personnel. The user-friendliness of the time table management has also been improved, so that routes, vehicles and driving regimes can be created and administered even more intuitively now. We added new display options to make the work with different pools more clear and simple.

After this release focused on user-friendliness, we’re striving for a big content related step in fall. With release 2023.2 DSSplus will be available to a group of super users for extensive testing. This unique Decision Support System will be able to support dispatching actively and in real time. It’s presentation at the InnoTrans in Berlin 2022 was met with great interest and it’s release is highly anticipated ever since.

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